Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There is predictability to whether or not people are going to be difficult to work with during the hCG protocol. The most telling information is their denial of emotional eating and their emotional reaction to when food is limited, even without hunger.

These patients complain immediately (even before starting) of their disappointment in the protocol restrictions. Like how punished they are because they can’t put cream in their coffee. How bored they are with the food, within days of starting. They’re miffed by the fact they can’t have cheese, or add oil to their cooking. Usually these patients feel it is their right to eat, and their right to lose fat. These patients are so entitled they are ignorant to their own addiction.

These patients are the most difficult to assist. Why? Because they want you to take on the burden of their issues. They want you to give them a pill so they never have to admit faults.
They complain they are feeling deprived, but admit they aren’t hungry. They obsess over the scale, are disappointed in the fat losses (no matter how miraculous), and believe there is someone else to blame. They admit they continually break the protocol with licks and tastes of foods that aren’t on the protocol, but deny they cheat at all. They ignore the science of leptin, but are astonished by their lack of fat loss eating less than 600 calories (after you include their cheats). These patients think the protocol is flawed and their body is flawed, but not their entitled view of gluttony as virtuous.
These patients don’t want any responsibility and think because they invested money in your program, they are entitled to you as their savior.  And if you don’t meet their unattainable expectations, you are at fault. They believe a pound of fat loss a day is guaranteed because they were told by some shmucky Internet person (selling an amino product with appetite suppressants) that, “By using our liquid drops, the hCG protocol (even though there is no hCG in their product) would allow your body to release one pound of fat a day!”
Despite the fact that you explained thoroughly not to expect that type of loss unless they have a metabolism they requires over 4000 calories a day. Despite the explanation of gains with minor cheats. Despite the warning that the hCG protocol is a hormonal therapy and that there is no guarantee they will adherence to the process, they demand a  100% return policy, even when they ignore every warning, and break all boundaries of the protocol.  
Even though they paid for real expertise, they go to the Internet for “credible” guidance, and continue to argue that you don’t know how the protocol works.  “I saw on YouTube this woman who said you could eat macadamia nuts to lose weight when you stall. I saw another video where they said not to load in the beginning. I called another clinic that said you can eat 1000 calories and the protocol would still work. I’m not hungry but I want an appetite suppressant. Can you prescribe those fat burning injections? I swear you told me fat loss was guaranteed. ” What a nightmare!
Some people refuse to read anything. You’ve spent three hours preparing them, given them Dr. Simeons’ Pounds & Inches,  a workbook, blogs, videos, Weight-Loss Apocalypse,  and everything possible so they have the tools to understand the process from every angle. But yet, they only want you to be there so they have someone to blame when they f*ck up. As if there was something you did that made them cheat!   They schedule appointments just to complain about the protocol, and they hate you because you’re the one who is punishing them.  And they want you to spend another three hours to verbally explain (again) how the entire protocol works.
They grumble about the cost of your program when Internet sales of hCG costs far less. REALLY? There is no value to our expertise and we should work as slaves to your emotional illness?  Should we take on this type of abuse, because you are entitled to ignorance? HELL NO.
I have very little tolerance for this type of bullsh*t. Ask anyone who comes to our clinic and has immediately been shut down and refused a prescription as soon as the complaining begins and entitlement surfaces.  If you are not willing to take personal responsibility for your problems, you are not welcome into our practice. Why? Because there is no one but yourself capable of changing your flawed view of yourself. I refuse to work with an abuser no matter how much money they offer. There is no value in accepting that type of abuse.
If this patient sounds like you, you are in denial. DENIAL. Do the medical community a favor and order your hCG on the Internet.  The people who give FREE help on-line will love to work with you!
Good luck with that and don’t call back. : )