Friday, November 8, 2013


I have a secret. I’ve never done the hCG protocol.

How could that be? Did Dr. Simeons’ do his own protocol? I don’t know, but I do know this- you don’t have to do the protocol to witness the miraculous healing it provides to every human body that does it properly.
Over the last 5 years I have monitored thousands of patients through Dr. Simeons’ hCG protocol, documenting metabolic rates, body-shape change, body fat compositions, fitness testing, assessments of hunger and energy, as well as perceived difficulty, and other physical and emotional observations. I’ve heard every fear, every complaint, and I’ve listened to testimony after testimony about the healing phenomenon of the hCG protocol. Much of these findings I published two years ago in my book, Weight-Loss Apocalypse.
Yes. It has been two years since I published Weight-Loss Apocalypse. Since November 8, 2011, I’ve continued to observe patients closely, but have also expanded my observations to people across the United States and to countries around the world. But the majority of people I work with outside of the clinic don’t come to me for help with the hCG protocol. They are seeking help with residual emotional complications with eating disorders and other addictions.
I’ve been given the opportunity to work with patients who’ve had troublesome addictions to opiates and narcotics, alcohol, gambling, exercise, food, dieting, exercise, sex, as well as religious addiction. If you’ve watched any of my videos on YouTube you might understand why.
I knew when Weight-Loss Apocalypse was published that it was a very dry and basic outline of how to approach the protocol for emotional eating. I didn’t include the complex web of influence that underlies why people choose to eat emotionally and why they continue to struggle to abandon their deeply rooted emotional need for food. To be honest, I didn’t include this detail because I didn’t know how to write it.
There were six chapters I had written (and re-written a few times) that I chose not to include in Weight-Loss Apocalypse because it was too complicated for me to write in simple and understandable terms. My editor was brutally honest about how confusing, how boring, and how not-publish-worthy those chapters were. As a temporary fix, I decided it would be better for me to capture and share this information in recorded sessions with patients. The goal of these YouTube videos was to show the Mind:Body Method in action and to expose the emotional challenges that are so difficult to understand and to describe in words.
How do you describe what it takes to redeem yourself from addiction? How do you describe the isolation, the shame, the fear of rejection, the self-hating control, the intense panic, the fear of death and desperation to live, and the need to hide from it all? How do you explain how to forgive the unforgivable? Is there an easy way to paint a picture with words that reaches down into a deep grave of mental illness? How do you breathe light and hope into a soul near emotional collapse? The protocol is simple to understand, it’s relatively easy to do, but it can’t give you the love you didn’t receive from your parents, it won’t replace your husband, and no amount of weight loss will fulfill a happy life- and that is the part I omitted from Weight-Loss Apocalypse.

Even though I’ve never done the hCG protocol, I have saved my soul from a life defined by addiction and mental illness. I have overcome an eating disorder, addiction to exercise, and an obsession with having the perfect body. I know what it took for me to recover my identity from being brainwashed by fear of rejection and fear of God, and I know what it took for me to forgive a rapist, to forgive myself, and to forgive my life.  

Since publishing Weight-Loss Apocalypse, having been given the opportunity to help people through emotional confusion, I’ve been witness to more than just physical healing. Because of this I’ve been able to refine my communication and am now confident I can express this exposing and healing process in written word.
As I take this year to write the parts I left out of Weight-Loss Apocalypse, I hope you get the opportunity to watch the videos I’ve posted on YouTube. Some videos are simple and some complex. I can be insensitive, harsh and I often throw out F-bombs and other various cuss words. You will witness my passion, my love for complete strangers, as well as my impatience for people’s refusal to take responsibility. Sometimes I’m offensive and abrasive but the message I bring is with good integrity.
If you have in any way been helped by the these videos or by the concepts in Weight-Loss Apocalypse, please share what it is that has helped you. 
Here are the last few sessions I’ve posted that will give insight into what will be in this next book.


  1. I've often wondered if you had done the protocol. And I appreciate your honesty I look forward to your next book. I know what you cover in your video's is the TRUTH and its scary to hear and liberating all at the same time :)

  2. Wow, how can I express in to words how your vidoe's have helped me! Well I like so many others did the HCG protocol about 2 years ago. Before I found you I will add, Yes, I lost weight and gained every pound of it back. The deeper issues were not addressed. I approached it as a diet, and wrongly so.

    Watching your vidoes has helped me explore within myself why is it I eat without hunger what is happening at that time what am I feeling, thinking? And let me tell you its been a real trip! When you said ' If hunger is not present eating is not appropriate' I am a lunch lady and work with food all day. I could eat all day if I wanted to watching and feeling my hunger has been a beautiful experience. And several times a day I say to myself in my head or out loud. "Feel it don't feed it" An emotion will come over me or negative thinking and I do feel it and not feed it.

    I may use HCG in the future as a tool and I may not. Right now I am focused on really accepting myself today as if I will never lose another pound,
    Just getting to the truth of eating without hunger when it presents itself.

    That is how your videos and book have helped me chage and grow.

  3. I'll must appreciate your honesty! At least you have the courage to share the truth :)

  4. I appreciate how you are open about your past struggle with exercise addiction. Did you once post videos on YouTube about exercises you could do before eating and how to chew and spit into a cup at a restaurant? Do you believe chew/spit could ever be out of love for your body, not hate? As in, I really want that taste, but don't want to put junk in my body?

  5. Honestly Robin I could tell you hadn't done the protocol but what you had to say was extremely useful, helpful, insightful and I've used them personally and with my own clients. I'm actually waiting with bated breath for that next book! Thanks

  6. I appreciate your honesty and this step that you share the truth with us :)

  7. "when you are insane that would be a toss up"....WOW...yes...I have so much appreciation for what you are helping me to uncover about myself.

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  11. I was planning on purchasing the book prior to reading you had never even done the diet. I feel this is something you should have disclosed in the book or somewhere people could read the truth prior to purchasing it. I am sure you were enjoying the money you werr making so much you were afraid to let people know you are a fraud. Thanks for the honesty finally, you saved me $20 and a lot of time. shame, shame on you!

  12. Here you go Robin, that's what you get for being honest. Pisses people off. Ha! whatever. i know you prob dont give three shits about but that's how the world rolls sometimes. I was disappointed too, but I'll live :)
    Embrace what is people. Just read the book and benefit from all that's good in it.
    Happy New Year to you. Hope Alabama is all coolness. Looking forward to the next book!

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  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will be more nice if you come up with daily routine diet plans so people can avoid go to diet.

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