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There are many "experts", practitioners and businesses prescribing hCG for Dr. Simeons' protocol. But how many of them actually understand why it works and how hCG could prevent starvation? Most have no clue. They know it works, but they don't understand why, so they repeat what they read in Simeons' manuscript, Pounds & Inches.
Here are 5 questions that reveal if an hCG diet business knows why the hCG protocol works:
1) Does the hCG business discuss 3 types of fat? This is a hypothesis Simeons' created, however it has never been laboratory tested or explained. As of today, there are two different types of fat (brown or white fat). We know that larger fat cells function the same as smaller fat cells, but with a more magnified response. Meaning they do the same things small fat cells do, but in a bigger way.  Larger fat cells produce more hormones, and provide more fuel than the smaller fat cells. As for three types of fat: science hasen't discovered a third type.
2) Does the hCG diet business profess that hCG burns fat. This could not be further from the truth. HCG DOES NOT BURN FAT. However, hCG does stimulate the hormone that regulates fat metabolism; Leptin. If you are not up to date with the new science of energy homeostasis you need to start studying recent research that has summarized what we know about the hormone leptin and its regulation of the thyroid, adrenals, testicles, ovaries, etc.  Leptin is a primary regulatory hormone of the body's fueling systems. It also regulates the body's hormonal response that causes symptoms of starvation. Low dose hCG stimulates leptin, which would reduce one's hunger but also increases the fueling response from fat cells. This is the same thing food does hormonally, but with hCG- you don’t need as much food! This is described thoroughly in the newly published book, Weight-Loss Apocalypse.  (
3) Does the hCG diet business monitor success, only by weight?  Weight is a superficial and insufficient measure of success, and by obsessing over weight for motivation you are creating a short term diet out of an incredible hormonal therapy. For example, is the hCG diet business telling customers/patients to weigh every day and to do an “apple-day” if they plateau? Are they suggesting that you can flush out fat with apples??? Obsessive weighing creates adverse emotional consequences that could encourage emotional eating disorders. Weight is too superficial when compared to the profound hormonal healing that the hCG protocol provides when its followed.
Weight cannot compare to the rewards of better sleep, improved adrenal function, diminished heart burn, improved breathing, reduced inflammation, improved sex drive, etc. Measures that include body fat composition and an assessment of hormonal symptoms are much more telling and more valuable than a number on a scale. Weight should be the least of your concerns when considering the long term change of lifestyle it will take for you to maintain whatever weight you lose. And weight should not be responsible for the motivation it takes to eat less among gluttons.
4) Does the hCG diet business monitor calories? The measure of calories in food is old and outdated information. In fact, how the protocol works completely conflicts with the idea that we are fueled from the food we eat that day. The caloric value in food is irrelevant as it concerns the body’s hormonal response to food.  For example, we now know that artificial sweetener (zero calories) stimulates leptin and this response stimulates fat's fueling mechanism.  The reason the hCG works to prevent starvation is because it stimulates the same hormone that food stimulates (leptin). For this reason, your body doesn't respond to starvation like it would without the hCG. Calories have nothing to do with starvation because starvation is defined scientifically by a measure of hormones.  Look it up: leptin and its relationship to starvation.
5) Does the hCG diet business profess you’ll lose a pound a day or 30 pounds in 40 days? This is a sign the business is run by people who have no clue how metabolism works, they have no interest in long term results, and they are more interested in one thing: money. This same business probably sells appetite suppressants (another sign they have no idea how the protocol works and that they want more money), fat dissolving injections, meal replacements, and other means to make money. Most of these are sold to take advantage of and to prostitute the desperation of people who need to lose fat and are willing to pay anyone who promises quick results.
Unfortunately most of the hCG diet industry is run by businesses that have no clue what they are doing. These businesses know the hCG protocol works and with that, they know they can make money. But where’s the integrity? Where’s the responsibility?  Without understanding how the protocol works, it has been marketed as another quick fix diet. Without giving the patient personal responsibility – it’s a scam!
But if you’ve done the protocol properly, you know− IT’S NOT A SCAM.  Then why market it in a way that has very little integrity? Why portray it in a way that looks just as fake as the rest? The only way the hCG protocol will make a significant impact on America’s overwhelming obesity epidemic, is if the hCG diet industry rethinks how the hCG protocol is portrayed, taught, presented, and advertised.
·     If you own an hCG diet business, do you want to look credible? Then know how it works hormonally.
·     Do you want to stand apart from the hCG diet businesses that market it like another fad diet? Than market it as a hormonal therapy.
·     Do you want your patients to have long lasting results that heal both the body and the mind? Than hold your patients accountable to change the way they eat emotionally.
I believe the hCG protocol has the potential to change our culture both physically and emotionally. If we as “experts” continue to mirror the same approach as the diet industry, we will fail. It will be another diet, another fad, and another attempt at losing weight, just to gain it all back.
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  1. I don't care what anyone else says, this diet perfectly describes what is fundamentally wrong with weight loss!
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  2. Thank you for your comment! I agree, however it is not the diet that is wrong it is the diet industry. They plague our culture with the idea that fat is the problem, without holding accountable the ideas and behaviors that validate eating dysfunctionally(any time you eat without true physical hunger). The hCG diet industry is REALLY bad in particular. The reason is because of how fast fat is lost when the diet is actually followed. This quick fix advertising is by far, as you said - fundamentally wrong and is why the diet industry is such a complete failure. Something as amazing as the hCG protocol has become one of the most controversial diets BECAUSE of the hCG diet industry. Again, it is not the protocol so much as it is the people who want to make money at the expense of the consumer. I so appreciate what you are saying here.

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