Monday, November 14, 2011

WHY WEIGHING YOURSELF SUCKS (and results in fat gain)

If you think that by losing weight, your self-esteem will improve so much that your motivation to eat less will have everlasting motivation−you’re fooling yourself.
Monitoring weight is the biggest flaw in the foundation of a diet. Why: because desires to eat food have nothing to do with body fat. For example, how many of us sabotage our temporary diet in order to eat for emotional celebration?
How often have you eaten food at a party, then felt guilty about breaking your diet’s rules, as a result decided your desire to eat was bigger than your desire to lose weight at that moment, and instead of feeling guilty, you’d rather let go of that desire to lose weight, so that you could eat all that you’d like− without guilt. And because you can just “start over” the next day, you end up eating more than you actually want, which compensates for the impending diet restrictions that you don’t want in the first place. Sound familiar?
This is typical of most when attempting a weight-motivated diet. Consider the failure of the entire diet industry. Consider how much fat our country gains each year compared to how much fat we lose. How’s weight as motivation working? Not well. With all of the differences between one diet to the next, the one consistency between them all is their hyper-focus on weight. The long term result: more fat gain.
If you observe the obsession over weight-loss during the protocol (or any other diet) you’ll find that as soon as weight-loss stops, or slows down, complaints go up. Why? Because there’s emotional hardship when choosing to eat less−which is why there’s a desperate need for weight-loss as reward. We falsely believe weight is the problem and temporarily submit to a reduction in food intake−but only if weight is lost. Without holding accountable our desires to eat excessively and emotionally, fat is falsely accused as the problem.
Have you ever considered that the normal way you eat is the real challenge? Without weight loss, would you voluntarily eat less? If you continue to have desires to eat at every party, every social event, every moment you feel bored, and whenever you feel emotionally tested − your body will always be forced to accumulate fat.
Go ahead −obsess over your weight while dieting. Find out if your weight will motivate you to eat less the rest of your life. Or, decide you’re disgusted by our cultural gluttony. Recognize that you’ve stopped using your creativity, which is why you’re bored and use food for entertainment. Acknowledge that eating has become your best friend, your hobby, your crutch, and without eating at all social functions, you feel punished.  You might hate the amount of money you’ve spent to lose and gain weight over and over again−but eventually, you’ll recognize that weight isn’t the problem and that using it as motivation, will always fall short.
Without changing your desires to eat, anything less will feel punishing, and each time you restrict, that desire to eat will magnify even more. Stop kidding yourself. If you have emotional desires to eat and want to continue this dysfunctional relationship with food, you might as well accept the outcome.
If you want permanent change, consider transforming the normal way you eat
to a realistic “new normal”, that doesn’t require you eating emotionally
−whether you lose weight or not.
Motivation to eat less is profound, especially when you live in a culture that eats excessively as the norm. Especially, when the diet industry has plagued us with constant guilt about what we eat, and the food industry is continuously shoving food down our throats.

You have to understand that obesity isn’t the problem−it’s the inevitable outcome of gluttony. So if you continue to assume that losing weight will change your desires to eat, you’re fooling yourself−again.


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  3. This is amazing and makes so much sense! This is the motivation I needed to keep the mind/body/spirit connection realistic. Thank you!

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  5. I find it motivational to read other people’s success stories on the journey to achieving my own weight loss and health goals. I know losing it is state of mind that you have to get yourself into before you can really start doing it.