Tuesday, January 3, 2012


You can always tell when someone really understands what they are talking about. The first sign is by how humbled they are by the astronomically large amount of information we don't quite understand yet. The more they know, the more they realize they know very little. These individuals want to know more, want a deeper understanding, and are willing to dig deeper for information to questions unanswered.

On the other hand, there are others who think they know everything, have no desire to seek new information and continue to believe there is nothing more to learn. The less they know, the more they think there is nothing else to learn. They only discuss the superficial information, and never go deeper to understand the human body. In this case, because they know very little they are naive to how complex the body really is, so they can't go deeper than memorized statements. The more you know, the more complex the body becomes, and the more information you seek to learn.

Here's an example. How many "experts" profess that once you have a fat cell they only shrink, and will never go away? This is one of the most naive, and quite sad, claims about the body. Once a cell loses it's function, it will go through natural cell death, or apoptosis. When fatty acids are depleted from an adipocyte, the cell has lost it's primary function and will go away. This is a "use it or lose it" situation. In the case of hCG, does hCG "unlock the hypothalamus"? Does hCG convert fat into energy? No. Not at all.

This was written in Dr. Simeons' "Pounds & Inches" in 1967. Let's get updated into 2012. You'd think that by now, self proclaimed  hCG protocol "experts" would have looked deeper into the human body, but because most people selling hCG products or programs don't really know that much about human physiology, they continue to proclaim Dr. Simeons' theories as fact. Without thought to the idea that we understand the human body more profoundly than we did in 1967.  These protocol experts don't realize that they look naive and superficially motivated to others who study the human body and physiology.

The most interesting observation I've made is that I've yet to meet a doctor or physiologist who wasn't interested in a modern hypothesis. These doctors may have written books, workbooks, and created an entire program based around Simeons' theories, and yet they still were thrilled to know the modern science that might relevantly explained why hCG prevents starvation. Where have a met resistance? Self-proclaimed experts who don't understand human physiology. People who don't have the education or understanding of the human body to a level that is necessary in order to comprehend the complexity of the endocrine system, and the hormonal influence on energy homeostasis would rather repeat Simeons' theories. The more the listener knows about the human body the more they appreciate the profound explanation. The less the listener knows, the less valuable a complex explanation is.

In writing a hypothesis for why hCG prevents starvation, I did the best I could with what I could understand. My hope is that another person who may have a deeper understanding than myself, will take what I've started and will describe it to an even deeper level. I look naive to a micro-cell biologist, similar to how others seem naive to me. Why am I writing this? Because the standard "expert" in the hCG diet industry doesn't really know much at all. Really? Fat cells don't go away? Now that's naive.

It's time we set the bar quite a few levels higher and it's time for many of these "experts" to go back to school. Until then, the hCG diet industry will continue to look naive, stupid, and money hungry, just like the rest of the diet industry.


  1. I was trained in medicine by the Department of Defense in the early 80's - and it just so happens that I've been plugging away at how Simeons Method works going on 3 years now. I understand the vivid dreams, the infrequent but possible hair loss, increase in olfactory acuity, the metabolic shift.

    Based on my research, hCG DOES tend to influence one's relationship with food, and the way it does so is truly fascinating, once you wrap your head around it. I tested leptin in 2010 and the downward shift experienced with weight reduction wasn't far from the shifts seen in existing studies using VLCDs stand alone (non-hCG reduction diets) Leptin IS a factor, but not in absolute terms. hCG has multiple means of reducing hunger, multiple methods of increasing long term success following the reduction period.

    I think it naive to think the FDA cares that hCG is a powerful adjunct to a VLCD. There are several free sold commercial VLCD programs available in the United States that are within a few hundred cals of Simeons restrictions, some even less than 500 kcals/day - odd that the FDA never felt the need to "warn" people about THOSE VLCDs. Another thing about the FDA (talk about mouth breathers) is that their requirements for a "successful diet drug" include x% of weight loss - a stay at home mom is intelligent enough to know a reduction diet should be based on FAT loss, not WEIGHT loss.

    I don't think it's by chance that I can't find any published body comp studies paid for by main stream diet companies, if published studies on VLCDs are accurate, over half of the weight loss from main stream diets is lean mass loss - which would just about destroy any chance at long term maintaining due to the huge decrease in metabolic rate.

    If you want to do something extremely meaningful - run indirect calorimetry & hydrostatic body comps on 2 people within 5 years of each other, same sex, similar height and starting weight. (if female make sure they both are on the same side of the fence in regards to menopause) Have one do Simeons, one on Jenny or Nutri... have each stop after 25 lb loss, retest each 3 weeks after weight stable (wait the extra 2-3 months for the main streamer to lose the same amount of weight) The difference in RMR & lean mass loss might have you fuming.

    1. Ok 'doctor' anonymous. We really believe you are doing your own research and not just making shit up or copying off the internet.