Monday, January 23, 2012


How much energy and judgment each day do you give to your weight, what you are eating, the diet you are following (or not), and to your overall value as a person? If I were to throw out a percentage of people I help who spend over 90% of the day thinking about these things, I would say over 85% of my clients are obsessed with their body, diets, and food. It's a co-dependent nightmare.

I remember when I was obsessed. I was so afraid of being fat that most of my waking time I'd think about the food, calories, my strategy of control, the exercise I'd have to do, and everything that needed perfect order so that I'd avoid gaining fat. Fear of fat gain became my identity and my expertise.  How many of you reading this have the same fear, or have opposite fear?

The opposite fear would be not getting to eat again. Wondering what you will be eating next, when you will get the opportunity to eat, feeling sadness over the foods you think you are entitle to but are being denied of, and also fantasising about what you will be eating the moment your diet is over. Is eating your obsession, addiction, and your expertise?

If we lived even just 150 years ago you wouldn't have the access to food the way you do today and eating/dieting/weight obsession wouldn't exist. So what would you be doing with your time then? What are your natural talents and how would you express your creativity? If eating/dieting wasn't your main talent, then what would all of your energy and time go towards? How would you express your uniqueness? What if the time, education, and studying you've put into diet after diet after diet went towards a college education? How many of you would have a PHD? The sad part of being identified by eating, food, dieting, and weight is that you are wasting your authentic talent, creative gifts, and your life away on something that doesn't give to the world, but instead isolates your unique and special gifts away from being exposed. Have you ever considered the amount of incredible power you've given away to eating that could be harnessed toward creating something magnificent?

Looking back I can see the incredible amount of power I had, that was going inward towards fear, isolation, and control. Now, that same incredible power is going outward, manifesting something creative. Each and every person has unique power that shouldn't be defined by food and your body.

The power you think you are receiving from food is in reality, your own power to create. What are you capable of with that power? It's time you find out.

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  1. Omg!!! This is me you're talking about, it's seems like you're living inside my head. I'm always on a diet and I do the protocol about 5 times... I try almost every diet program there is.. I am terrified of gaining all my weight back!!! I got as low as 119.7 on hcg and now I am struggling at 138-141... Please help my as I invest so much money in Weightloss personal trainer and all... I eat healthy stuff but I think I over eat them as I'm always thinking about food... I can't get that full feeling very quickly.. Whenever I weigh between 120-128 I love the way my body looks the most.. If that makes sense.. I bought your book and I'm at chapter 3... I would love to finish it but I'm a busy mom of 3