Thursday, December 8, 2011


Look at all the gadgets, products, and weird diets we’ve wasted our money on because their advertisements said we’d lose weight. So far, how successful has the diet industry been at doing what they say? Has the hundreds of billions of dollars Americans spend every year made us the leanest, slimmest country in the worLd? Not yet. No matter how gimmicky the diet seems, if the website says it works, we’ll buy it. Proclaiming “weight-loss” is a cash cow! Why do we continue to believe their billshi*t? 
It’s amazing how Americans spend the most money on food and have the most gluttonous culture, but yet we spend the most money trying not to eat any of it, and we’re still the fattest society on the planet.
We’re so side-tracked by the diet industry telling us we need to lose weight, that we skip the part where we are individually accountable: excessive eating as the norm. We pay them, temporarily submit to eating less, but only because we want to lose weight. When the weight isn’t lost fast enough, restricting food isn’t worth it any more. Sound familiar?

Let’s get real. The problem is that our culture loves to eat emotionally and excessively as the norm and until we change this, we will continue to have growth in the obesity epidemic (no matter how much money we continue to waste on diets). The diet industry makes billions duping you into believing the only reason to eat less is to lose weight. That’s why weight is the foundation of how they measure success. They give you a temporary system that controls how you eat less and you pay them for it. YOU PAY TO EAT LESS.
This ploy keeps you from changing your personal desires to eat that have nothing to do with body fat and everything to do with emotions and cultural behavior.  This keeps your focus on their diet plan, gives them credit if you do lose weight, and makes you believe your body must have some sort of flaw when you go back to eating with our gluttonous culture and gain back the fat. Thus, you pay more and more and more until you realize their plan sucks.
The diet industry is an enabler, and you are now co-dependent. Why would they want you to eat less without them? If that was the case you wouldn’t have a weight problem and you wouldn’t want to pay or think you needed help. Instead they teach you there are secrets to losing weight. Secrets you need to pay for in order to lose fat, because fat is a mysterious growth. Fat is a plague and you need their secret remedy in order to remove it. BULLSH*T!!!
Here is an easy way to see how messed up this dysfunctional co-dependency with the diet industry is. Let’s say there was something cataclysmic that happens that completely obliterates our access to food.  How would you eat?
In this situation you’d have to ration the food you have for as long as possible. Would you eat when you were bored? Would you eat without hunger? Would you eat until you were full? Would you refuse certain food because it’s “bad” for you? No, no, no and no. Eating without hunger doesn’t make instinctual survival sense. If you were to limit eating to only when you experience true hunger, and only ate when hunger is tolerably removed, wouldn’t you lose weight easily (eating whatever you want)? Why wait for cataclysm? If our entire culture did this as the norm, obesity would be something we rarely see, the diet industry that has failed us so miserable would go away, the pharmaceutical industry would reduce to less than 90%, etc., etc., etc. You get the gist.
Eating emotionally and excessively is a cultural norm and is somehow excusable and accepted. Haven’t you excused yourself from a diet because of some form of stress or social engagement, believing emotional eating is justified and “normal”? Diets will never market solutions for emotional eating because if you stop, you’d never have a fat problem. Also, they wouldn’t make any money because you’d never pay for something you don’t want. Our culture loves eating to gratify emotions, but we detest the physical outcome. Therefore, you temporarily submit to the diet and obsessively monitor fat loss.
Why do diets suck and why are you fat? Because you have never been held accountable to change your desires to eat that have nothing to do with physical hunger.  Either you’ve never recognized that as the problem, or you don’t want to. No matter how much fat you lose with any short-lived diet, until you create a desire to eat less, you might as well accept obesity as the outcome.
In short, the focus on weight by the diet industry is the foundation for why they never work.  Until we stop believing that eating is emotionally rewarding, you’ll always feel deprived by diets and  you’ll always believe that weight-loss is the only reason to eat less. In other words, you should want to eat less whether you lose weight or not.


  1. Every person want to desire looks. Emotional and over-eating is a cultural norm, is some how excusable and acceptable. Absolve themselves because you have some form of pressure or social participation diet, it is reasonable to believe that emotional eating, normal? Emotional eating diet will not be a market solution, because if you stop, you never have obesity problems.

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  2. Very true. If we stop eating emotionally and over-eating all together, the entire diet industry would go away. So would many diseases, and the entire pharmacuetical industry would be reduced by 90%. Taking personal responsibility to eat less would be an incredible accomplishment for the American culture.Thanks for your comment!

  3. There's a lot more going on here. We have an overall health crisis. Obesity probably wouldn't be an issue if the BMI wasn't dishonestly adjusted literally overnight. There's also millions of people suffering from eating disorders, that America could care less about. This obsession about skinny = healthy is contributing to the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.
    Besides, if we all focused on healthy habits, we wouldn't all be skinny, but we WOULD all be healthy. We need to focus on health, not weight. And we need to stop hating on people, just b/c they aren't skinny. Don't believe that weight loss/obesity hype. Most of it is based on lies and exaggerations.