Friday, December 9, 2011


 "I have never had an opportunity of conducting the laboratory investigations which are so necessary for a theoretical understanding of clinical observations, and I can only hope that those more fortunately placed will in time be able to fill this gap.”
Dr. ATW Simeons, Pounds & Inches -privately published in 1967

Laboratory investigation requires first, that there be a hypothesis that is testable in a scientific laboratory to observe the finite mechanisms that explain molecular physiology. In the recently published book, Weight-Loss Apocalypse, Robin Woodall has composed a new hypothesis that describes why Dr. Simeons observed his clinical observations. This hypothesis will open the doors immediately for laboratory investigation.

If you, in any way, would like the hCG protocol to have credibility as a hormonal therapy, I suggest you read the book, understand the new hypothesis, and change the way you market your hCG business as well as how you explain why the hCG protocol works. Using measurements of weight to prove (or disprove) the protocol is not only naïve, but is insufficient data that directs the public towards old and outdated research that discredited Simeons' observations, with and without hCG.

The FDA continues to devalue the protocol based on this outdated research which compared double-blind studies based on weight lost, perceived hunger, and circumference measurements− all of which didn't show a statistical significance. However, to disprove or prove that hCG prevents starvation there must be laboratory investigation studying the hormone hCG and how it may influence the hormonal regulation of starvation when administered in low doses (125 iu) daily, when food is significantly reduced for weeks at a time. This laboratory research is what Dr. Simeons did not do, thus he wrote the quote at the top of this post.

Recently (2009), there has been a defined negative feedback loop between hCG and the hormone that controls energy homeostasis; leptin. Leptin is a fat derived hormone that was discovered in 1994. This very recent discovery between hCG and leptin could very well explain why Dr. Simeons observed the miracles he couldn't fully explain (nor prove) during his very low calorie protocol.

Today, we are the "more fortunately placed" and it's time to fill the scientific gap. We need to put the new hypothesis to the test and hope laboratory evidence proves we’re not all crazy and the hCG protocol isn’t too good to be true.


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