Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) just announced there will be penalty for selling “homeopathic” HCG products online and in retail outlets, as oral drops pellets, and sprays. Why? Because of unsupported claims made and marketed by hCG diet businesses. Their biggest problem isn’t the hCG but rather the claims that hCG induces weight loss.  
They believe weight lost is not due to the hCG but because of the very low calorie diet the protocol suggests. In the press release David Vladick, the director of the FTC’s Beureau of Consumer Protection, says, “Deceptive advertising about weight loss products is one of the most prevalent types of fraud.”  It is the scam-like advertising they disapprove of.
Can any of you argue the diet industry has been the biggest fraud? How many of you have spent thousands and thousands of your hard earned money on products that claim you will lose weight, have leaner bodies, and will look like the model selling it, without results? The hCG protocol has become huge business and I can see why there are red flags, especially when hCG businesses are claiming weight loss in excess of 30 pounds in less than 40 days. Seriously, didn’t you think the hCG protocol sounded like a scam when you first heard these types of claims? They sound ridiculous especially when the business implies there is no personal responsibly or need for change to the way you eat regularly. But, once you’ve done the protocol, skepticism turns into converted believer.
What weight-loss business (that has integrity and has your long term health in their best interest) would advertise this way? None. So I don’t blame the FDA and FTC for being so harsh and skeptical. However, the only way to get their attention and to let them know this is a consumer driven product is to switch things up. The hCG protocol industry needs to completely change the way they are selling the product s. We need to change our claims to something the FDA would have to do further research to disprove. And better, let’s claim something that has integrity so they look bad by disproving it.
Here’s the loop-hole: HCG protocol businesses need to abruptly change the way they advertise. Remove all ads that claim weight-loss and instead, claim the hCG protocol will help you learn to eat less. How could anyone argue with this statement? The obvious long term result of weight-loss doesn’t need to be the center of attention. As the consumer, you can blog, discuss, post, and say anything you want about how much weight you’ve lost. Weight-loss as a result of eating less is something the FDA cannot stop the consumer from claiming.
In short:  Businesses advertise eating less. Consumers post their incredible results.
The diet industry is ruthless and there are thousands of books, products, and services that have been making the same superficial claims for decades. In order for the hCG protocol to stand out we need to take a very different approach. Let’s market it in a way that the FDA will have difficulty proving us wrong.
Yes, the hCG protocol helps you eat less. It will change the way you eat so that you never go back to the dysfunctional eating that caused your fat gain in the first place.  Let’s make the protocol a way to change our gluttonous culture. The hCG protocol is an emotional eating rehab. This is a cause and a claim the FDA will want us to continue.
If you want to take control back, we need to act fast.  Post this to every hCG site you can and hope things change quickly. Find out more about the author at


  1. Heck they could say "It's a bottle with hCG, water, and alcohol in it. Take it 3 times a day if you want. It may or may not do anything for you. In fact you may gain weight if you do not follow the strict reduced calorie diet, but we'll leave that up to you." And I'd still buy it cuz it works!

  2. Exactly. We as consumer will do the speaking because that's how the hCG protocol has become such a huge part of the diet industry. We've created the demand!!! Our demand should change when the hCG industry advertises differently. Thanks for the comment.

  3. That's a great perspective. It's so true that the claims seem ridiculous, but it's working. I've lost 60 lbs myself. What I don't understand is why researchers are getting on the band wagon and helping the industry!

  4. Part of the problem is that until now, there hasn't been a modern hypothesis created to explain why hCG prevents starvation. Otherwise we are left to believe hCG does nothing and starvation is the only reason weight is lost.

    There is a great deal of evidence that has proven hCG stimulates the hormone leptin, and leptin is what dictates hunger, thyroid, adrehals, fat metabolism, and more. I've written a new scientific hypothesis which is included in my new book, Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the HCG protocol. There is much more information and content in my earlier blogs. I suggest reading my first post which is the introduction in my book.

    The other problem is the hCG diet industry. What they don't realize is that by marketing the protocol in a way that only emphasizes weight, it gets absolutely no credit or merit hormonally (which is what science must understand to do any relevant research). The industry emphasizes and obsesses over weight, therefore that is all the FDA focuses on. If instead the focus was on how the hCG protocol heals type II Diabetes then we'd have scientific research already underway. We are dealing with the diet industry and shady business people who could care less about the buyer and are more concered about profit margins, so they continue to take advantage of our cultures superficial idealogy, market weight loss, and the result? Another fad diet.

    I am not only a believer in the hCG protocol from a hormonal perspective, but I believe the hCG protocol could provide a means for emotional eating rehab. Weight is only a small and superficial part of the benefits.

  5. DOC:
    Let me eduacate you about why Homeopathic HCG is illegal. In 1932, the FDA put their umbrella of control over the homeopathic community. They were told to come up with a list of all homeopathic remedies they presently make and those they would make in the future. That is what they would be held to. Guess what? HCG is NOT on that 1932 list. That is why homeopathic HCG is illegal.

    4 years ago when I started manufacturing a HCG product, I knew HCG was not on that list so I manufactured it as a HCG encoded product. The end result is the same as homeopathic HCG but we don't use prescription HCG and run it through dilution cycles like hoomeopathy. So the way we do it is legal and we are still in business.

    1. Curious as to how you describe your product, do you call it hCG? So now that more time has passed have you changed anything with your product? I am curious to learn more

    2. The hCG we use is prescription. I work out of a medical clinic with practitioners who prescribe so we legally HAVE TO SAY it is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The hCG sold on the Internet may be a different story though.

  6. Sorry about the typos. That's what happens when you squint rather than find your reading glasses and see clearly. DOC

  7. Great insight! Thank you. Sounds like the FDA needs some updating.

  8. DOC:
    Updating? How about a major overhaul? Like all govenment agencies, they eventually go from doing good to overdoing and causing nothing but trouble. If they had it their way, everything you put in your mouth would be regulated. Then again, between the FDA and US agraculture dept. . . we're already there.

  9. I COMPLETELY AGREE! This is the truth of anybody who gets an ego trip out of having the power to control others. Or anybody who creates an identity over being an "expert". They end up validating irrational choices so to avoid the vulnerability of losing their status or whatever they believe makes them powerful. This is why I believe the most obvious flaws in early double blind studies (that wouldn't hold a candle to today's standards) have been accepted as valid arguement against the use of hCG and weight loss by the FDA. They think we're all stupid to believe weight measurements can disprove the influence of hormones. Once the new hypothesis is well known in the medical community, and more and more doctors prescribe, the FDA will have to argue against human physiology and they will lose.

  10. The FDA is a watchdog group for Big Pharma, not for us! The medical philosophy and practice is to "treat the signs and symptoms of disease". That doesn't address the disease at all--only the "signs and symptoms" thereof. Furthermore, there MUST BE DISEASE first before one can treat the signs and symptoms. This is why the "diagnosis" is such a vital part of every patient file. Dr. Shane

  11. I have done my first round last year and lost 30lbs.Of course I do have a mind problem with my relationship with food and didn't stick to the second part of the protocol. Bam gained like no business. Now am am getting ready to do another round.Yes its hard to find now. I do have one vial left for 30 days. But I want to go on the whole 40 days. Any ideas to where I can find it. I am also using bioidentical hormone replacements. should I stop those while I do this round?

  12. Absolutely agree that FDA is a tool for big pharmacy companies. Anyone who doubts that can just look at the history of how Aspartame got legalized and how they have been preaching the low fat propaganda for years. I have lost almost all respect for what they do. Just another example of how power corrupts.

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