Friday, December 2, 2011


If you sell or prescribe hCG you might want to rethink how you advertise it. The reason the hCG diet will eventually disappear like other "fad" diets is because there is very little emphasis placed on the behavioral change required to maintain weight that was lost. Without this fundamental lesson learned, participants will gain the weight back, just as all ignorant skeptics have predicted.

It's as simple as making sure all participants know that no amount of weight lost will change emotional desires to eat. So until they change their desires to eat emotionally, they might as well accept the fact that their bodies will always have extra fat, no matter how much weight they temporarily lose.

The entire diet industry needs a revolution. This revolution will only happen if we, the hCG protocol industry, make the protocol very different than any other diet. The difference: holding accountable the emotional changes that the participant must make to perminently end the mistreatment of their body with food. Fat is not a cancer, it is a force of creation cause by hormonal imbalance. For the majority, this imbalance is caused and self-inflicted by eating behavior. Until we hold our cultural emotional eating disorder accountable and stop blaming fat as the problem, no diet ever created will work perminently and nothing will heal the diseases caused by over-eating.

If you sell or prescribe hCG, I highly suggest you stand out from the crowd and start advertising something other than 30 pounds lost in 40 days. Now when you look at that advirtiesment, you are no different than the rest of the short-term, quick-fix scams that have come and gone. Don't taint the most incredible hormonal therapy with your lack of integrity. Sell vaccuums instead.

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